CeBIT: Huawei wins HANA certification from SAP

Huawei’s strategic partnership with SAP has received a boost from the launch of a new rack server that comes with HANA certification.

SAP (Walldorf, Germany) describes HANA as an in-memory computing platform that lets enterprise customers “dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes and predictive analysis”.

Speaking at a press conference during this week’s CeBIT show in Hannover, where the product was unveiled, SAP senior vice president Alex Atzberger said that Huawei (Shenzhen, China) was “the first Chinese hardware partner to be HANA-certified”.

The two companies formed their partnership back in July 2012 but Atzberger believes it will pick up momentum as a result of the announcement about HANA.

Responding to questions about the availability of the Huawei rack server, Atzberger said it was being launched internationally and should have particular appeal to telecoms operators and energy companies targeting the smart-grid opportunity.

He also played down concern that Huawei might struggle to grow its presence in the data-center market as customers look to reduce the number of suppliers.

“Sure, customers want less complexity and lower costs, but they don’t want to reduce the number of vendors because that would mean lock-in,” he said. “Customers are very open to a discussion with SAP and Huawei.”

Quizzed about the US market – where Huawei has recently fallen foul of government authorities over security concerns – Li Liangliang, the director of marketing and industry solutions, expressed confidence that Huawei’s products would be welcomed by US customers in future.

In an effort to alleviate security concerns, Liangliang also made reference to Huawei’s cybersecurity evaluation center in the UK, which has received the highest level of security clearance from the UK government.

A story published in the UK’s Guardian newspaper late last year cited UK parliamentary sources as saying the center had made a huge difference to the confidence UK companies have in Huawei.


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